Magazine Articles and Self-Esteem Workshops

An article on our adventure at Cannes appeared in View Magazine and Goodlife magazine this month. Special thanks to Heather Brissenden and Steve Uhraney for making me look good. Please go and check out some of Steve's photographs at:
I had forgotten about this article because the interview was done at the beginning of May. Someone emailed me about the article and I got scared and a little nervous. The press from the Cannes Festival has died down and I was not really ready to see pictures of myself again. It's strange how these self-image issues never leave you. I've been pretending that someone else was in those photographs and that it was someone else was in the video clips. Measuring Tape Girl is about self-esteem issues, coming to terms with who you are and accepting yourself. I think I've accepted myself and come to terms with images of me existing but it's easy to fall back into old habits. It's easy to become uncomfortable with yourself again. The main reason for all these crazy publicity stunts was to force myself out of hiding and to move beyond my self-images issues. I'm not to sure it worked.
We're starting a new project called the Self-Esteem Workshops. Measuring Tape Girl will be going to local schools and performing for 10 or 15 minutes. After the performance we talk to the students about self-esteem issues and about accepting yourself for who you are. Hopefully this process will help students start a dialogue with their teachers and with themselves about self-images issues. Maybe I'll learn something too.