Experiments in Crowd Funding

I’ve been afraid of crowd funding for a long time but it seems like it’s time to take the plunge. I’ve run out of credit cards and it might be time to find a new way to fund my films. The funding will be used to help complete and market the short film version of ‘Words to Remember’ and to help with the pre-production and writing of the feature film version. 

Funding will be required for the following:

Post Production for ‘Words to Remember’ (Short film)
Marketing and Film Festival Services for ‘Words to Remember’ (Short Film)
Film Festival Travel and Pitch Sessions 
Script Writing and Story Editing of ‘Words to Remember’ (Feature Film)
Pre-production of ‘Words to Remember’ (Feature Film)
Production and shooting of ‘Words to Remember’ (Feature Film)

I’ve reached a point we’re we can’t move forward without a little push.

Here’s the link to our gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/27f6ug
You’ve already helped us send the film to festivals in France and Spain. With your help we’ve also been able to make the 200 DVD copies of the film we’ll need to send out to festivals over the next year. Special thanks to everyone who has already donated.
“Today and everyday of my life, I stand on the shoulders of everyone who has ever helped me. I stand on the shoulders of all of my friends, on the shoulders of every member of my family and without you I am nothing.”
- Pasquale Marco Veltri - 

Words to Remember - Synopsis
What if there was a cure for Alzheimer’s? What would recovering patients have to tell us after so many years of silence? Alzheimer’s can interrupt the passing down of wisdom from one generation to the next. What would they tell us, not knowing how many minutes of lucidness they might have? ‘Words to Remember’ examines the desperate wisdom that would be passed down to us if our friends and family members with Alzheimer’s could share their reflections on life. The feature film version of Words to Remember will examine what happens at a retirement home where the cure for Alzheimer’s is being tested.