The MISE Dining Experience

Redefining ‘Dinner and a Movie’, MISE combines your favourite movie with a gourmet meal inspired by the film. Cook Jenny Chan and host Alvin Campana craft an evening of entertainment and a riveting meal for you and your guests to accompany a film of your selection.

Mise photo1.jpg

When attending a Surprise MISE, the only hint at the movie you are about to see is the logo projected onto the wall and a chance to peek at the menu before the evening begins.

At the most recent Surprise MISE, the movie is revealed to be Jurassic Park. As it starts, the guests giggle as drinks are poured. About 15 minutes in the first course is served, timed to match a reference on screen to the turkey in the salad. The menu matches the topics and images in the movie, creating an immersive experience for your brain and stomach.

The combination of a gourmet meal and film creates a new experience that introduces you to aspects of the film you may have never noticed. Having a goat curry with house roti and coconut rice as a T-Rex runs across the screen chasing a Jeep creates a sensory experience that completely envelops you in the film.

I highly recommend MISE for your next special event. MISE will provide a dining experience you and your guests will remember for years to come. You can visit their webpage for more information. 

MISE Video: