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Bypassing Light - Alleys of Rome
A collection of 62 images from the Bypassing Light and Alleys of Rome series. The 81/2 X 11 inch hardcover book has 68 pages. ($100 + $10 Shipping)

By Passing Light
By studying and simplifying colour and composition this series of photographs isolates form and texture to celebrate the beauty of urban decay documenting the unique quality of light in and around the city of San Francisco. The series of images invite the viewer to look at our everyday surroundings as a collection of simple colours and shapes, as if through the eyes of a child.
Through the chemical process of bleach by-passing the images powerfully isolate dense areas of color, creating compositions which begin to take on the look and feel of a painting.

Alleys of Rome
This series is a collection of non-traditional images from the alleys of Rome, capturing a city known for its architecture and art from the alleys and darker corners. The images attempt to move away from postcard images and display the beauty and textures found in the heart of the city streets.