AnnieG@the Movies - Measuring Tape Girl Behind the Scenes

AnnieG @ the Movies was kind enough to show up to our Measuring Tape Girl shoot and write a Story on the film. Here's a Link:

Measuring Tape Girl Behind The Scenes
Thursday, February 18, 2010
By AnnieG

Measuring Tape Girl is the latest cinematic endeavour by Canadian filmmaker P.M. Veltri. The film deals with a milieu of issues packed into a short format centred around what is essentially a monologue. How is that possible many of you may be asking? Well, at first glance and after trying to say that fast five times you may be at a loss, but, if you’ve ever seen a P.M. Veltri film you would know that he takes that which is seemingly impossible and transforms it into a very plausible cinematic work. But of course…it all starts with a script…and what a script it is indeed. This picture is going to be like nothing else he’s ever done as it will truly bring the audience to a place where they are watching a performance based piece. This is exceptionally challenging given that people are so used to fast cuts and lots of action these days but I am confident that folks will enjoy this as much as I did watching it live.
That’s right folks AnnieG was conducting behind the scenes interviews for this film. I got to hang out a while with the crew and watch the fine oiled machine that is a P.M. Veltri production. I have to say it’s really nice to see people who are organized, actually know what they want, and are able to execute that vision. In my experience with indie films nothing ever goes to plan but this shoot totally did and everyone was right on the money and extremely professional. The wonderful Jessica Embro plays Measuring Tape Girl (the 30 something v-logger) in this film and is just amazing. I will confess now that there’s one line I got to watch her say at the shoot that literally had me teary. She was able to take me on an emotional journey take after take which makes me anxious to see her in the film when it’s all cut together. A very talented actress that I am so glad I got a chance to spend some time with as one day in the near future it’s not going to be so easy…trust me…my inner geek can sense these things.
The behind the scenes will give you a taste of what this film will look like. I must say that getting to talk to both P.M. and Jessica I really got a new perspective on a project I had already fallen in love with. The film deals with the communication breakdown that is happening on account of there being way too many means of communication. It touches upon how the digital self is creating an increasingly alienated society that relies on screens in order to emote. It’s a very vast subject matter but it’s conveyed in such a way that it would appear to be practically seamless. It would only make sense that while talking about the digital self Veltri would incorporate themes of body image and self esteem which I believe men and women will be able to relate to on respective levels. The performance based piece enables Veltri to delve into a tangled web of subject matter while entertaining the audience in a unique and challenging way. I really look forward to the final product and will keep you all posted on when and where you will be able to see it.
To learn more about P.M. Veltri check out his website where all your cyber stalking needs will be satisfied. FYI, that was a joke…cyber stalking is not cool and neither is real life stalking for that matter!