Camera Playtime... Camera Test #1

All These Things... THE NORTH from Pasquale Marco Veltri on Vimeo.

Over the next little while I'll be doing a series of camera tests to help me find a video camera that works the best for what I need to do. In camera test number one I shot a quick music video for ‘All These Things I Hide’ by the North. I tested the Panasonic VHX200 in different contrast and lighting situations to see what I could get away with. I let the colors bleed as I under and over exposed to see if I could bring the footage back. I’m okay with the results but I found the camera to be a little unforgiving in highlights and shadows. Up next is the Sony EX3 or the Canon 5D. I’m afraid of Bokeh and it’s completely over used but I’m willing to do some tests with the 5D. I’ve used the EX3 a few times but never in a situation where I could play around and test what happens. I’m looking for good blacks and some highlight detail when possible but with most video cameras that’s too much to ask for. We’ll see what happens. Thanks to everyone who helped out with this camera test and special thanks to the North for the use of their song.